The MTV Party Zone Massive

Back then we had no DVD, HD, MP3 or even a PC.

Just a VCR.

And we were waiting for the good video clip to begin, to start recording the tape!

That’s how I got these. I ripped them from an old tape of mine and uploaded them to YouTube to share them with the World…

Ladies & Gentlemen, the rare and hard to find….MTV Party Zone Massive!!!

Vosprung Durch Logic Megamix

Talkin’ Loud Megamix

R&S Megamix

XL Recordings Megamix

A Platinum on Black Mix ’93

UPDATE: We forgot the “angel” party zone hostess….Sorry Simone…

Simone Angel – Let this Feeling


~ by sugardad on December 15, 2007.

29 Responses to “The MTV Party Zone Massive”

  1. What can you say about these…we grew up with these 🙂 MTV the way it should be…Simone where are you?

  2. Hi guys, great to see you unearth the tapes. I do have VERY good digital beta copies of LOADS of MTV Party Zone Massive mixes and rare interview etc. If you’re interested, let me know and I can try and get these out of the archives!! Thanks for keeping the MTV Party Zone spirit alive all these years later!!

    James Hyman
    Producer/Director: MTV Party Zone (1988-2000)

  3. This is truly fantastic 🙂
    I have been searching for these for years!
    Thank you very much.
    It’s just that… the “A Platinum on Black Mix ‘93” is for some reason not working 😛

  4. @James Hyman

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! It’s an honor to have someone like you comment on our blog!
    It would be great for us to have and share more stuff from then, I’ll get in touch with you to see how…

    @ M G
    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, the “Platinum on Black Mix ‘93” was removed from YouTube “for copyright reasons” 😦 (Don’t ask me how…)

  5. And now I see that R&S Megamix 1 and Vorsprung Durch Logic ’93 were taken offline.
    … And what really upsets me is that it says on the YouTube that “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.”
    – see and
    This is ridiculous.

  6. Just finished uploading the removed stuff on Dailymotion…

    Let’s just hope they’ll stay there…

    Happy New Year everyone…:)

  7. I guess Viacom smell MTV and/or an MTV logo and assume it is their property/copyright(s). In fact, those megamixes actually belong to the record companies NOT Viacom/MTV as the labels (R&S, London, Logic, XL etc.) paid for them to be made when I was doing the shows.

    Happy New Year to you all and again, thanks for keeping the spirit alive.

    James Hyman
    Producer/Director: MTV Party Zone (1988-2000)

  8. MTV Partyzone has been extended to 4 hours now (2 hours Fri, 2 hours Sat)

  9. Oh my God!!!i just remember my youth when my blood gone crazy with these mixes!!!!!!If i can find them in audio(MP3) i swear i will start to dance allover again!!!!!

  10. Bring back memories… JUST GREAT.
    BTW: Anybody knows whats the name of the song that starts at 2:10 on A Platinum on Black Mix ‘93???

  11. The anthem that appears at 2:10 of the Platinum on Black Mix is:

    Orbital – Chime

  12. i got all these on VHS tape from 93/94 with Hi-Fi stereo sound 🙂
    all ripped to pc now email me if you want them!
    can convert to mp4 video if required….the techno megamix is 23 mins long & 700mb at moment!



  13. all converted to mp4 video & ready to upload to any flieshare site you like 🙂 email me if required

  14. I don’t suppose you have the music video o Human Resource ‘ Rave-o-lution amongst your archives do you?

  15. I need their playlists 🙂

  16. Does somebody know “WHO” mixed these great clips and the music? Is it Massive as in Massive Attack?

  17. Does anybody have the digital copies james Hyman is talkin’about??
    I’m very interested in these recordings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    greetings from Holland

  18. Wow, Alex (one of my dear blog readers) put me on to this one (thanks Alex). As always, it is good to see that the Partyzone spirit is still alive. There is a slight chance that there will be a kind of follow-up to the old Partyzone shows. I am in discussion with a Dutch production company at the moment and am trying to clear the rights to Partyzone footage (no definate answer yet from MTV). I will keep you posted. You never know….

  19. Her majesty Simone commenting on our blog! What an honour!
    Truly, the spirit must be kept alive. It has to…
    Your effort on the p.z. follow-up sounds promising, let’s hope it’ll come through!
    However, what I’d love to see sometime soon, is your and James Hyman’s old party zone tapes digitized and uploaded for us, your dedicated fans!!!

  20. Wow, it’s been a while…sadly enough, the Dutch production company got cold feet. They say that the market for music based shows is too small (judging by MTV’s current ‘reality tv’ path, I guess they agree).

    As far as posting clips on Utube and having them removed, I have ended up posting all my clips onto dropshots and from there moving them on to my blog. That way, no one blocks them. You can see some on my blog under ‘MTV clips’:

    And someone just pointed out to me that Almighty Records have released a cover of ‘Let this feeling’:

    I hope you guys work something out with James and that we will see many more great PZ memories online soon!

    Love, Simone

  21. can anyone get me the michael jackson mix that the party zone massive did its HIStory begins ”the mix” ?

  22. can anyone get me the michael jackson mix that the party zone massive did its HIStory begins ”the mix” ?

    (typed the wrong email in my 1st post)

  23. i have some of those megamixes but only a few (less than 10) i wonder when james i gonna digitalise them:)

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  25. I have some of these videos and i would like to swap and share it with you guys!
    ICQ: 647586661
    Contact me!

  26. can someone please tell me the name of the song in MTV partyzone PLATINUM mix that starts at 0:12? and the song right after it?:) please let me know if you know it contact me on my
    Thank you so much 🙂

  27. I have some of these videos and i would like to swap and share it with you guys!
    ICQ: 647586661
    Contact me! for an ICQ session

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